Celeste #1

6"x4" oil on board. Oh my dear, poor suffering friends. This is what happens when you have an artist as a friend – you are subjected to having your portrait painted and poste
d for the world to see. I have no excuse for my actions other than the standard artistic drivel: "I just have to do it" (I'll gladly omit the fact that they are free models, if you don't mind). This wonderful friend is actually the significant other of another friend of mine, the dapper Mr. F., whose portrait I painted and posted earlier. Oh yes, I don't make just one spouse suffer, I get them both. I painted two of these portraits of Celeste in somewhat different styles. The second will be posted tomorrow. Why not post them together? Because I am going to milk it for all its worth. A note: Sorry for the lapse in posting. If you do not subscribe to my emails, you don't know why this occurred, so let me explain. I hurt a finger on my painting hand and was forced to keep it in a splint. Having a splint on your finger is not conducive to painting, so I didn't. I am back now, pushing the paint here and there.
Posted June 1, 2009
private collection santa monica, ca
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