George Washington

8"x 8" oil on canvas

Posted July 12, 2022

sold • private collection



20"x 26" oil on canvas

Posted January 27, 2022

sold • private collection



20"x 16" oil on canvas ••• This shoe repair store was just up the street from, what was, my favorite deli, Billy's Delicatessen. That deli spoiled me for life. You could not find a sandwich on the menu that was not at least four inches thick. The kreplach soup was divine—especially when I was feeling under the weather— and the knishes were to die for. (Great, now I am hungry.) Let's move away from knishes (smothered in gravy*) and get back to the piece you see here. This place was not on my "to do list" of paintings for my cityscape show, but there was this blank 20x16 canvas menacingly staring at me from across the studio. So, here it is in gooey oil paint. It also seemed like a good idea to document the place since it is also no longer there. If you are wondering why I did not do a painting of Billy's, it is because the place is long gone, taking the only good knishes in town with it.

*Sorry to all you New Yorkers out there, but I like my knishes smothered in gravy.

Zinke's YouTube Video 

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Posted January 22, 2022


26"x 20" oil on canvas
••• The subject of the painting you see above, Rae's Restaurant, is a typical American diner located on what would be called the Westside of LA. It has slippery vinyl upholstered booths and counter stools and haute cuisine designed to kill you like the "Hobo Special." The type of meals that clog your arteries just reading about them on the menu. Wonderful... simply wonderful. It is also one of the places The Spousal Unit and I haunted when we were "a-courtin'." We had a very short courtship—only nine years long.

Rae's YouTube Video 

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Posted January 21, 2022

Mir-A-Mar Court

30"x 20" oil on canvas ••• The Mir-A-Mar Court is one of those places that, depending on where you live, you think you have seen. A common comment from somebody seeing my painting for the first time often starts out, "Oh, I know that place, it's down in..." Whenever this happens, I feel that I should not disappoint them by telling them where it actually is. But then I remind myself, "Self," I say, "when did you become a nice person?" Then I go ahead and tell them that it is actually in Pismo Beach. You know Pismo Beach? It's the place Bugs Bunny was trying to get to whenever he veered off course and found himself in a cave or some such place.

The Mir-A-Mar YouTube Video 

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Posted December 2, 2021

The Big Boy

56"x 44" oil on canvas ••• The original "Bob's" was located in Glendale, California—my hometown. It went from being a 10-stool hamburger stand to a drive-in restaurant. I would not say that my family went there on a regular basis, but we went enough to lodge memories of the young waitresses coming out and hanging food trays on the doors of our huge family station wagon. That restaurant is long gone, but the statue in my painting is still out in front of the oldest remaining Bob’s Big Boy in America. It is located in Burbank, California and is still open for business.

The Big Boy YouTube Video 

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Posted November 15, 2021

sold • private collection


Señor Fish

30"x 30" oil on canvas ••• Last summer, I had eight small pieces in the Cityscape Show at the George Billis Gallery/LA. Those pieces helped guide me when it came time to paint the larger versions that are in my current show (see below for show details). In some instances, I chose to alter the larger piece, sometimes not. The most common changes are formatting and composition; A piece might change from being a square to a rectangle for example. "Señor Fish" is an example of one that did not really change much, if at all. (I included the smaller piece here so you could see.) I admit that I have a penchant for increasing my skies (they are a playground for my color work), but the composition of the small "Señor Fish" seemed rock solid to me, so I stuck with the square format. I have made a short video for this piece that shows more details and posted it on my YouTube channel. You do not need to sign up to YouTube to view videos, just click on the link below and take a look. ••• I hope you enjoy it! 

Señor Fish Youtube Video 

See Raymond's Work at George Billis Gallery/LA 

Posted November 3, 2021

sold • private collection


JP in His Boater

6"x4" oil on panel

Posted May 20, 2021

sold • private collection


Keystone Projector

4"x6" oil on panel

Posted May 18, 2021

sold • private collection


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