Maneki Neko

20"x16" oil on canvas I have lost count of the Maneki Neko currently residing with us. Stumbling upon one always elicits the same question from The Spousal Unit, "Have you painted this one?" Which is Her code for: "Man, you have a lot of c__p piling up. Can I get rid of it?" To answer She Who Rules My Life's royal query: Yes, I have painted this one before as a 6"x 4" mini, but I like it so much I wanted to paint it again (Please don't toss it!). Not only do I enjoy the look of this delightfully rotund feline—cutely offering up a mysterious goody bag like a leprechaun offering up his pot of gold—I also like that it has its own gaudy hemorrhoid pillow. (These cats sit all day, have mercy, they deserve a pillow.) Anyway, as I said, I like it so much that I decided to paint it again. Now, if I can just keep The Spousal Unit from finding all those old power drills I have hidden in the garage, all will be okay in Eden!


Show at Beyond the Lines Gallery
If you have not had a chance to see my show currently hanging in Beyond the Lines Gallery, go check it out. In addition to a large body of my work, my display of 28 box cameras paintings—all 8 feet of it—is included in this show. Being such a large display, I rarely have the opportunity to display it in its entirety. So, there is another reason to go by and see the show.

Beyond the Lines Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, Building G #8, Santa Monica, California 90404
(714) 369-9869 /
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM to 5 PM, Sunday by appointment
Closing reception: December 28th
Posted December 1, 2017

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