Dad's Last Coronas

20"x16" oil on canvas The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy around the studio. First there was the Beverly Hills Art Show to prep for and attend, then I was asked to do a show at the Beyond the Lines Gallery out at Bergamot Station. That show hangs next week with an opening reception on Saturday, November 11th. This bears repeating: That's next week! Whilst I try to wrap my head around the aforementioned insanity, I thought I would share this painting with you. These are almost certainly the last pair of Corona clippers my late father owned. So, even though you have seen me paint Coronas before, these are special to me on a very personal level and warranted another stab at them in gooey oil paint. I am very excited about the upcoming Beyond the Lines Gallery show for several reasons, but mainly it is because professional galleries are one of the best places to see art in person. It is where people can walk up to my paintings and—seeing all the color work and texture—say they want to eat them. Believe me, it's happened before and more than a few times (one woman kind of scared me). I hope all of you who are in Southern California can make it to the opening on the 11th. (Details listed below.) I will be there trying to keep people from eating my paintings and doing the best I can to answer questions. It should be a fun night!

Show at the Beyond the Lines Gallery
This will be a two person show. (What artists like to call a tandem solo show.) My companion artist will be Dina Herrmann. This pairing will make for a great juxtaposition of two artists with distinctly different styles. The opening reception will be Saturday, November 11th from 6 to 9 PM with an RSVP Collectors Preview between 4 to 6 PM. It would be great to see you there, so come and check it out!
Exhibit Title: Motion
with Dina Herrmann and Raymond Logan
Opening reception Saturday, November 11th from 6 to 9 PM
RSVP Collectors Preview between 4 to 6 PM (contact gallery)
Beyond the Lines Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, Building G #8
Santa Monica, California 90404
(714) 369-9869
Thank You: Beverly Hills Art Show
Thanks to everybody who came to visit. It was a great show. Seeing so many friends and enjoying good sales and not getting tasered by the wonderful Beverly Hills Park Rangers makes for a good show. The high point of the show was definitely when I noticed that my phone was kind of hot and, upon pulling it out of my breast pocket, found out that I had shot a two hour video of the inside of my pocket. It's a classic little film; kind of film noir, kind of Kafkaesque, kind of mind-splittingly boring. I think I'll enter at Cannes next season. Anyhow... Again, I would like to thank all of those people who came out to visit The Spousal Unit and me.

Posted November 2, 2017

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