1959 Plymouth Fury Dash Cluster

20"x30" oil on canvas Hopefully, my love of good design is apparent in my selection of subject matter. Design projects, just like fine art projects, are opportunities. Opportunities to bring your best to something—to hit it with all you got and hit it hard. Back in the day (what does that actually mean, anyway?) industrial designers did just that. They created sound, functioning designs with uniquely beautiful personalities. A metal power drill or a tube radio set or a camera weren't just functioning objects, they were opportunities to design something wondrous that reminded us of our love of fantasy and our joyous race into the modern age. My proclivity to collect things (addiction seems like such a strong word) has led me to acquire a few classic automobile dash/gauge clusters. I think they are just beautiful. My constant exposure to brain damaging paint fumes and the dash clusters' stand-alone beauty have prompted me to experiment by painting them as isolated pieces, rather than part of the overall dashboards they were extracted from. My five remaining brain cells and I think the experiments worked. We hope you do too.
Posted December 2, 2016

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