Toothpicks in Tabasco

24"x12" oil on canvas I recently had two shows open back to back—one weekend right after another. In an unusual move, running up to the shows, I created a list of possible paintings to produce. You must understand, I abhor creative/painting lists. They can depress the heck out of me as I stare at them becoming the length of the Oxford English Dictionary—ideas never stop coming. They also seem like rules to me (you must do this, but not that) and I am not fond of always following rules. Anyway, having two shows so close to each other seemed to require the creation of at least a temporary painting list. As I typed above, rules can grind on me, so I admit to occasionally (a.k.a., as many times as possible) going off-the-rails of the The List. I looked upon rebelling against The List as me attempting to maintain my sanity. (Please, no comments about how that ship has already sailed.) Going into the studio every single day with a plan or knowing exactly what I am going to do can be oppressive. The painting presented to you above was not on The List. It was a spur of the moment change that just possessed me one day. It was a curveball (stolen from the kitchen cabinet) that presented me with many unexpected challenges—just the way I like it. As to The List? It still exists, but we are not on speaking terms at the moment.
Posted November 16, 2016

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