Low Chuck Roasted Carrot

8"x12" oil on canvas Though the three paintings contained in this post may (and I would like to stress the word "may") speak to a possible (and I would like to stress the word "possible") issue this artist may have with collecting things, let's not touch on that subject at present. Let's see... What to type about... Oh, I could talk about how nice it is to collect art and hang it in your bathroom. For men, in particular, the space above the toilet is a hallowed place of honor for a piece of art. On second thought, the conversation about hanging art above the john is best had in person. So, let's drop that topic as well. In my defense, I would like to say that the blue shoe in the middle is not mine. That pair belongs to The Spousal Unit and yes, she looks great in them. You know, I think I should get myself a pair of those blue ones as well.
Posted December 15, 2016

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