Apsco Giant Pencil Sharpener and my Artcore Gallery Show

20"x30" oil on canvas ••• If you would like to see this piece in person, it is hanging in my show at Artcore. ••• The "Giant" in the title of this piece does not refer to the scale that I painted it at. It is the name of this particular model of pencil sharpener. (Though it is pretty darn big in the painting.) I do not know what it is with me and painting pencil sharpeners. Maybe I like the challenge of all the different surfaces and shapes, and the occasional translucent hopper. Maybe they remind me of simpler days gone by or of how great the industrial designers from those eras were. Or, and what's more likely, I like that they sit still while I am painting them. Yes, I am just that simple minded.


For everybody in the 
Southern California area:
I need to do some things down at Artcore, so I have decided to spend another Saturday—the last Saturday of the show—down at the gallery. And for those of you who walked in while The Spousal Unit and I were eating lunch last time, no, I will not be just sitting there eating and wishing I had ordered the burrito she ordered. Come on by and see my work and me this Saturday between 12-5 PM. And, if you are lucky, The Spousal Unit will be there. Heck, if I'm lucky, she will be there.
Raymond's Not Just Sitting There Eating Lunch at the Artcore Brewery Annex Show
Saturday, November 5, 2016
12-5pm at the LA Artcore Brewery Annex
LA Artcore Brewery Annex
(inside the Brewery Art Colony)
650A South Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone (323) 276-9320
Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday, 12-5 pm.

Posted August 31, 2016

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