Fouled AC Spark Plug

20"x10" oil on canvas A few years back, I removed these spark plugs from my old truck and brought them back to the studio. I really do not know why. I mean, why keep six nasty old spark plugs? Eventually, I did paint a little 6"x4" piece of one and, once again, continued to keep the plugs in the studio. Why? Just like how I could not answer as to why I liked Donna Summer (actually, she had a great voice), I could not answer as to why I kept these little buggers. That was then and the above is now. I finally did another painting of one of the little devils that rebelled against my truck. At 20"x10" it is not a large piece, but it is probably the last painting I will do of these spark plugs. (Actually, that is exactly what I said the last time, so who the heck knows.)
Posted July 12, 2016

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