Scotch Tape

16"x20" oil on canvas One of the things I kind of miss about the "daily painting" regimen is the spontaneity of it. Most times I sauntered (yes, I like to think I can saunter like William Powell) into the studio, not knowing what I was going to paint that day. Sometimes, I would return from a walk with a found prop, but mostly, something just caught my eye in the studio, house, thrift store, etc., and I would just jump in and smoosh the paint. The reason I bored you with that little story is because the painting above actually happened in that happy way (along with a fair amount of cussing and spitting). I came into the studio one morning, saw my handy Scotch Tape thingy, and decided to paint it. I had done a small painting of it before and it proved to be very annoying and very, very obnoxious and very, very, very challenging. With all that going for it (and the simple fact that it was there) how could I resist doing a larger painting of it? So, here it is, larger and with the usual accompanying plea to the lovely people at 3M: Please, do not sue me.
Posted July 29, 2016

sold • private collection santa monica, ca


  1. I do love this one, as I usually like all of your paintings (a regular subscriber)! Please reply on your thoughts about painting things that some people complain about to me, like I did M&Ms once and got 'those' letters.

  2. Even though I haven't commented on your work lately, I do always enjoy it. This must have been a challenge, but - as usual for you - it was such an innovative and creative choice.


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