The Great White Hut

20"x30" oil on canvas Unlike many of my other pieces that represent a distinct location, a lot of people at The Beverly Hills Art Show correctly guessed where this hamburger stand is: Glendale, CA. They were not so pleased when my big mouth revealed that, even though the place has been operating since my childhood, I never ate there. My family ate at the deli down the street. The deli that taught me that a pastrami sandwich that is not hot, on good rye, and at least 3-1/2" to 4" tall is not a pastrami sandwich at all. I don't know what it is, all I know is that it does not qualify as a good deli sandwich unless it seriously threatens to choke you to death while you are trying to get into your mouth. That deli also taught me the waitress that occasionally abuses you with her sharp banter is often the best waitress. Any waitress that notices you are under the weather before you even sit down and automatically shoves a bowl of kreplach soup in front of you—before you have even ordered—implying without saying, "Shut up and eat this," is a goddess. By the way, no way would you risk her wrath by not eating that soup. Sorry, I wandered a bit there. 
The Beverly Hills Art Show
If you want to see artists freak out, just mention rain before an outdoor show. Despite the hourly changing threats of rain by the obviously inebriated weather forecasters, we had great weather both days. So... The weather was great, the friends wonderful and the sales good. Hey, any show that's blessed with the presence of The Spousal Unit, the rangers not tasering me, and me not scaring small children (too much) is a good show. This show, happily, qualified.
Posted October 21, 2015

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