6"x4" oil on masonite panel I just got back from setting up for the Beverly Hills Art Show and I think I left my brain there—I cannot think of anything to type. Not wanting to disappoint, I looked up an invaluable quote for you from The Handbook for the Representational Artist, 133th Abridged Edition as translated from its original Albanian. "If you wish to land a solid punch whilst modeling a subject, whether it be a gourd or a human face, may we suggest landing it at the transition from light to shadow (see inset Diagram A). Now this may not be to your taste and if you are a direct painter, it may seem a bit of a challenge, but it is a great place to throw that knock out punch of zingy vibrant color." Okay, I do not understand the value of using pugilistic terminology when talking about painting and I am not 100% sure as to what qualifies as a "zingy vibrant color," or exactly what "oomph" is (see inset Diagram A), but there you go; solid advice from an extremely dubious source. Don't forget, the Beverly Hills Art Show is this weekend (details below). If you are on this side of the planet, drop by and say hello. 
The Beverly Hills Art Show
I will be showing my wares in space #140, that's in the first park between Rodeo and Beverly Boulevards. Saturday & Sunday, October 17th & 18th / 10am to 5pm both days. If you are going to be on this side of the world, drop by and see my latest work.
Posted October 16, 2015

sold • private collection phoenix, az

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  1. You are great at putting Oomph into all your paintings Raymond! Good luck with your show and one day I hope to be on that coast to actually go :)


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