Converse Hi-Top Blue

8"x10" oil on canvas Anybody who has suffered me talking about my Converse shoe paintings has had to put up with my rant about how the were just $9 gym shoes for me, came in only black or white, and how the heck did they get so expensive(?). For all of those unfortunate souls—I apologize for the rant. (But really! How did a canvas shoe with what is basically a cheap tire tread for a sole become so dang expensive?) Here's the sad thing: I still like them and have several pairs. I even have a plaid pair. That might just qualify as a sickness. Besides the optical explosion this little painting packs, another notable aspect is that it is one of my smallest paintings produced using knives instead of a brush. I always advise not running your hand over my knife paintings. The texture might just cut you (and you might break something off).

Posted October 28, 2015

sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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