Lollipop Heart #2

6"x4" oil on door skin panel During the painting of the above painting, The Spousal Unit came into the studio and, from over my shoulder, said, "That's nice. You're painting another heart shaped lollipop." Another? What the... I had totally forgotten that I had painted one of these years back. Not the same heart-shaped lollipop, that one is long gone, but another 25 year-old piece of candy slipped into Spawn Number Two's bag during various Halloween festivities. This lack of knowledge about the origin of food given to one of my children is more evidence of my being a perfectly horrible parent. Somebody could slip one of my kids an apple with a thermo-nuclear device sticking out of its side and I would probably just say, "How nice. At least it isn't one of those horrible orange and black Halloween themed toothbrushes our neighbor hands out every year."

Posted March 5, 2015

sold • private collection olympia, wa

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