Little NYMCO Box Camera

6"x4" oil on canvas panel I love my little NYMCO box camera. It shares the honorary place next to my computer along with my favorite Maneki Neko (lucky cat bank), that's how much I love this petite camera. It is a really small camera, so this is one of those rare occasions when the subject is actually smaller in real life than it is in my painting. I thought you might like to see it, so I have included a photograph and, sticking to my creed of relative scale, I have thrown in a quarter to give you an idea of the camera's size. You might be asking, "Why does he keep a lucky cat bank next to his computer?" (You probably weren't wondering that at all, but better to play it safe and just go along with the insane artist.) Well, it's because The Spawn no longer allow me to rub their bellies for luck, so I need something to touch for good luck, obviously." 

Posted March 12, 2015

sold • private collection, irvine, ca

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