10"x8" oil on canvas panel Another painting session that started off with the use of a brush and then, at some point, devolved into a knife fight. Sometimes, just sometimes mind you, brushes aggravate me when they wimp out on the amount of paint they can scoop, move and carve. So the knives come out of my bag and then... all bets are off. Oh yeah, and I am left hoping I did not insult the model with the result. The knife I resorted to using on the ever wonderful Leah could cover the entire surface of this panel in two, maybe three drags. I like working with implements that appear obnoxiously too large for the purpose. This forces a looseness in my work (i.e., a lack of preciousness) and makes the artists painting around me a little nervous. Yes, I am the official union representative for the "Un-United Insane Guys Painting in the Back of the Room," Local Chapter #137. We don't hold meetings.
Posted March 3, 2015

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