Thing Two

12"x8" oil on canvas panel I was going to title this "Thing Two-The Larger" just as I had done with the second painting of Thing One, but then I realized I have never painted this mischievous imp at 6"x4". And it is not as though 12"x8" is all that big. Many of the toys you see me paint have been thoroughly cussed out. Especially those with hard edges and/or pointy thingies. This is because I probably stepped on them at some point trying to cross a dark room. Who needs ninjas when you have toys that are just as deadly? Most of their titles should actually be something like "LEGO Darth #$%&?#@ Vader" or "Cute Little Ceramic Bunny with Pointy %$#@&# Ears." These two are unique in that they are plushy toys. Anyway... Once I painted Thing One (shown below), it seemed only appropriate that I paint his partner in crime, Thing Two. So, here he is.
Posted January 15, 2015

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  1. Both of these paintings are so playful and fun! Well done. :)


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