The Crestview Apts

24"x16" oil on deep canvas Have I shown this to you before? Really? I could have sworn I did. Oh well, here it is now, the third in my series of apartment buildings. And yes, there are plans to paint more. (Now that I have said it, it won't happen. Isn't that one of Murphy's Laws?) I believe this type of apartment building is called a "soft-story" structure. They earned this moniker because during an earthquake the top floor may collapse down into the hollow parking ports below. We always called it "sandwiching," but "soft-story" is fine too. It goes kind of like this: BAM! An earthquake hits and you wake up on top of a Buick. These buildings are so commonplace in Southern California that everybody claims my paintings for their own neighborhood. I have had so many iPhones thrust in my face with bad satellite images as evidence to prove this, that I just gave up trying to convince people of their actual locations. So, here I am, surrendering. Okay, these paintings are of buildings in Echo Park or Santa Monica or Glassell Park or West Hollywood or Torrance or Highland Park or Koreatown or Burbank or Mar Vista or Glendale or Van Nuys or next to the rocket ride at Disneyland or anywhere you like. Just stop with the iPhone thrusting, please.
Posted January 8, 2015

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca


  1. What draws you to paint apartment buildings?

    1. Who's asking?
      I like to know who I am typing to.


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