Low Chuck Green

8"x12" oil on canvas panel I know my posts have petered off a bit and I am sorry for it. It is not for lack of paintings—there are over 20 lounging about the studio you have not seen yet—it is just that I have been delinquent with my photographing and posting of the work. Maybe that is the problem: All those paintings off-gassing around me. Me and my one remaining brain cell. (It is true, there is only one left and he just aimlessly wanders around up there wondering where all of his friends have gone. I should give him a name. What was I talking about? Oh yeah...) Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution, not that I go in for New Year's resolutions, but this might actually be a good one for me: Get a ventilation system in my studio. At the beginning of 2014, I vaguely remember having at least 10 to 15 semi-functioning brain cells. The combination of a lack of a good ventilation system AND not consuming enough cookies has either killed or driven off those of weak constitution. It is an established fact that (at least in my world) cookies are brain food and my intake has sadly tapered off. Oh, I should also add to the list the resolution of trying to post more paintings for you. You have been so nice, you deserve it. I would add killing off my evil camera and getting a new one to the list, but that goal has been floating around for years and the little devil has survived all my attempts to dispatch it. I do not like the nasty little so-and-so, but I have to admit it's got grit and is amazingly spry, making it tough to knock off. Sorry, my commentary appears to have gone astray. See what having only one brain cell can do?

Posted December 18, 2014

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca


  1. I love this painting, and you are SO funny. Probably the fumes.

  2. The name for your remaining brain cell could be 'Low Chuck Green'. Seems appropriate. Have a happy and prosperous New Year! Thanks for all the ART in my inbox!


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