T.E. Lawrence

8"x8" oil on masonite panel I know he didn't have a grand mustache or beard, but just look at that face. The eyes alone make him a great subject, nevermind the acreage of noble jaw. There are hundreds of years of life in those piercing orbs. You look him in the face and you just want to get him a doughnut or something to cheer him up; see how his day is going (and try to get those motorcycle keys away from him). After a somewhat long hiatus, I have started to paint the living again, but I still love painting these portraits from black and white photos. They pose certain challenges for me as a painter and the models are ready at my beck and call and, boy, can they sit still. 

Posted December 12, 2014

sold • private collection santa monica, ca


  1. Hi Raymond , so glad I'm subscribed to your newsletter , I have to admit I dnt really get the paintings of tools but your portraits are fabulous.

  2. Sorry when I said I dnt get the tools it's just that I dnt find tools interesting as a subject.

  3. Raymond, I stumbled on your blog the other day and I was taken in by your use of color. This is wonderfully rendered and, yes - his eyes do make the portrait!

  4. You are awesome.TE Lawrence would certainly have enjoyed that donut,as he had a sweet tooth,taking his motorcycle keys....not so much!Wonderful painting!


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