Sabre 620 Camera

10"x8" oil on canvas panel I am morally and politically opposed to cameras that tilt back when at rest. (I am also opposed to the use of coconut in cookies, but I won't go into that.) That opposition is why this painting will go down in history as a fluke in my oeuvre. (There, it has taken me most of my life to actually use that word. Here it is three more times to cover the rest of my life: oeuvre, oeuvre, oeuvre. Don't ask me to pronounce it—I mispronounce my own name.) Where was I? Oh yeah, tilting cameras and how they are evil and should not be trusted. The seemingly innocent backwards tilt of this camera, along with the canted sides of it faceplate brought on a headache of perspective AND they don't look all that hot when approached straight on. It is not the only way I approach my subject matter, but I do often enjoy hitting my subjects straight on, it makes the illusion harder for me to achieve by taking away the handy tool of perspective that makes objects recognizable and believable. If that sounds jumbled and nuts, wait until you hear me try to explain the workings of a Wankel rotary engine. Why I procured this camera and why I painted it remains a mystery to me, but I wanted to share it with you anyway. In all reality, it is a beautiful little camera, but I am not going to paint it again. On another note... I will have three pieces hanging in the upcoming "The Man Show: A Celebration of Men in Art" at the Cope Studios. I do not particularly celebrate men in art, but I had three paintings of men, so I submitted them. The opening reception is this Saturday night and I will be there for a spell—annoying as many people as I can and hoping for good cookies. The show specifics are shown below.

Posted November 5, 2014

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca

The Man Show:  
A Celebration of Men in Art
Art Exhibition at Cope Studios, Glendale, California
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 8 from 6PM to 9PM
Cope Studios
926 Western Avenue, Glendale, CA 91201

Exhibition online, visit and follow the link to the catalog.
Below are my three pieces in the show (L/R):
King Torren 24"x18" / Flute Player 12"x9" / Pasadena Artist Terry Kelly 24"x18"


  1. You crack me up, Raymond! I love your writing as much as your painting. And I love the cute face of this poor innocent camera. And congrats on the show. xo

    1. Thanks, Anne. Your tolerance of my ranting is amazing, but you were always my cheerleader. Your talent and positive attitude as an instructor and mentor touches everyone who is lucky enough to come into your sphere.


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