My Little Albert

8"x8" oil on masonite panel I will tell you an overt secret*... When I title a piece "My Little..." anything, it is a clue that my small and severely addled brain is ruminating over the possibility of painting a larger version. This decision making process may take me years (Please reference prior statement: "...small and severely addled brain..."), but it does mean I am thinking of it. For example, a few years ago I painted two small Abraham Lincoln portraits—one black & white and one color—simultaneously as samples for a Daily PaintWorks painting challenge. It should go down in history as one of the most mean spirited challenges ever concocted by a demented mind for that website. Here is a direct link to it: The Lincoln Challenge. If you read the text for the challenge, it will confirm the nastiness of it. Anyway... It has taken me all this time to come around to actually planning to paint a much larger Lincoln portrait (should happen soon). Having a show coming up and being in need of paintings to fill said show is a "fire under my hoohah" motivator as well. 

*Sorry, I love oxymorons.

Posted October 31, 2014

sold • private collection thousand oaks, ca


  1. This is a fabulous painterly portrait. The red lines makes it pop!
    You and I share a page in Carol Marine's book so I linked to you on today's post. When I see how different your paint application is today versus the one in the book , I know you are really enjoying painting and growing...the all important growth as an artist.
    I love it and will be a follower.

  2. Thanks, Julie.
    I am honored to share a page with you in Carol's book.


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