J's Other Ropers (The Larger)

16"x20" oil on canvas Please find the above straight-on, hopefully better, photograph of the painting that I had to steal The Spousal Unit's shoes to achieve. If there is anything that all my paintings of footwear have taught me—from a materialistic marketing perspective—is that I need to steal more of The Spousal Unit's shoes and paint them. People love shoes. Whilst the thievery may not promote Logan nuptial bliss, it might make me a few bucks that will eventually end up in Her hands anyway. (Apparently, it has been proven, according to outside experts and a recent government study, that I cannot be trusted with even a modicum of money. Nobody will tell me who the experts are, or show me the study or its results, but still, I am told that I am not to be trusted with my own money. So She gets it.) Maybe the extra spondulix* will make up for the occasional absence of a boot or two or three. On a painting note: This piece was painted/carved entirely with knives. The picture fails to show it, but there is a substantial amount of slashing inflicted on this sadly abused canvas. An artful artist would probably tell you that they have a deep philosophical reasoning or a heartfelt artistic imperative for painting with knives. But everybody already knows my reason for doing it: One good wipe cleans a knife and I am too lazy to clean my brushes. Yep, that's me, about as deep as a dry birdbath.

*I have been waiting to use that word since I heard a character in the marvelous "Jeeves & Wooster" use it.
Posted November 13, 2014

sold • private collection los angeles, ca

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