Big Baby Brownie Camera

30"x30" oil on canvas With somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 paintings, I have sometimes missed one (or two or 20) pieces while selecting images to send to you. I could be wrong, but I think this is one I may have missed. It has a diminutive 12"x12" predecessor that looks—especially in digital form—just like this big one. The above painting is one in a series of three little cameras painted large. I have shown you the other two, but seem to have missed this one—the first in the series. To help refresh your memory, I have included a shot of all three together, below. On another note: I was thinking of renaming these emails "Raymond's Weekly Painting" due my recent one email per week average, but "Weekly" would pen me in, allowing me only one email per week. What would happen if I want to share more? So, to all of you who have written and commented about the frequency issue, firstly I would like to say "Thank you" for your comments and secondly that, for now, I will stick with the subject line of "Raymond's Daily Painting." At least until I come up with a better one.
Posted November 18, 2014

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