Little Pink Atomizer

6"x4" oil on raymar panel Now, I could write about the above painting and how I moved the reds around in the temperature department and how I stole it from The Spousal Unit OR I could talk about an interesting statistic about my hometown. Let's see... Hmm... Yep, you guessed it, I'm going with the warm and fuzzy hometown story. It was not surprising when the city in which I dwell was designated the city with the sixth most dangerous drivers in the United States. What was surprising is how unsurprised the denizens of our fair city were at the ranking and the indignation they expressed at the ranking not being global.  "Pfft! Sixth in the US? Sixth in the entire world, now THAT would be saying something!" was the only sentiment uttered. The residents' atrocious driving habits—already being well known and bizarrely prized—have induced the wise inhabitants of city hall to put to a vote options for changing the greetings expressed on the signs at the town's borders. The winning option will be placed below the standard issue "Welcome to Glendale!" The options are: A) Beinvenido (the current greeting and a redundancy that few of the residents comprehend), or B) "Home to High Class Cars and Low Class People," or C) "So Many Cars, So Few Brains," or D) "Come on! Be a Mensch!" (That last one is my write in idea. I think it's great, but The Spousal Unit says it's doomed to fail due to the scarcity of Yiddish speakers residing in the city). I know, I know... Not all that warm and fuzzy, but it does at least qualify as a story.
Posted July 31, 2014

sold • private collection west hollywood, ca

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