Tea Bowl and Pot

4"x6" oil on raymar panel There are a few—at least two—of these funky, fully seasoned aluminum tea pots in our house. They belonged to my late mother in-law (a wonderfully gregarious woman of strong constitution, who could have pummeled me to death if she wished). This tea pot is neat because it has a leash for its lid; as if the rebellious lid is going to run away or something. The bowl has artwork on it, a good reason for me to avoid painting it, but residing in my domicile is a power so great, so powerful, that I dare not refuse its demands. Yes. The Spousal Unit wanted me to paint these… together… and… now.    Aluminum has different characteristics than chrome. Beside the fact that it is not as reflective, it can also be warm, somewhat dullish, and its value and temperature shifts elusive to the eye. In other words: a nightmare. That nightmare (challenge) is reason enough to paint it, but I also think this pot's other characteristics are interesting. So, here it is in squishy oil paint.

Raymond on the Radio
My interview with Jeff Burr went well. Amazingly enough, I did not cuss or spit. (In a conversation earlier that day, my mother told me to be nice—mothers know their sons.) And even if I did spit, they had these cool screens in front of the microphones to block it. I always enjoy being in the presence of Jeff, so I think we had fun.
Here is a link to the iTunes podcast for you:  Link to Podcast

Posted February 6, 2014

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