My Baby Brownie

5"x5" oil on door skin panel You know how I said that I loved the last camera I showed you? Well, I actually love them all. Why the heck would I paint them if I didn't? For me, when I think baby brownie, this is the camera that comes to mind. This little bakelite beauty with its pop-up view finder and sculpted body is a magnificent example of the industrial design of the era.

About my absence last week…
Many have inquired, so here is my report. I have been lucky enough to have moved into the middle. The middle cares two ways: For their (ungrateful) spawn and for their parental units (giving the geriatric the chance to get back at you for all the torture you inflicted on them via your teenage years). Some refer to us as the "sandwich" generation, I tend to think of us as the "shoulders." I actually feel privileged to be in this position—it is my time. Well, last week, my shoulders were called into a bit of extra service, so no posting or painting. Not too exciting, but that's my story and I am sticking to it.

Posted February 18, 2014

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