Wine, Tea, Tangerine, Still Life

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I cannot remember the last time I did one of these relatively straightforward still lifes. No, seriously, I cannot remember. It could have been last week or three years ago, as far as my memory banks are concerned. Considering my upbringing (which I don't remember either) and my subsequently becoming an artist (a choice I seemed to have been completely left out of), I have been exposed to a certain level of chemicals. So, I can hardly be ridiculed for, let's say, forgetting to pick up The Spawn after school. Wait... I have been ridiculed for doing that. Never mind.    Anyway... These little still life set ups are fun and challenging. Partially due to the fact that the royal subjects' colors are bouncing around annoying the other royal subjects.    Have a great weekend!
Posted April 5, 2013
sold • private collection pasadena, ca

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  1. You ought to learn to a few Korean/Chinese/Japanese characters. You could hide them in your brushstrokes. When I see your email. I always know it'll be a treat. vh


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