Lysol Bottle on Block

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I was in between paintings and experimenting with set ups containing three to four bottles and, being an in between kinda guy, I squeezed this little painting out. Don't worry, it wasn't painful (much).    What is far more important is that The Spousal Unit saw fit to make homemade brownies using something like 20 lbs. of my Trader Joe's dark chocolate (yes, it is all mine). I am, at the moment, happy. Again, don't worry, being happy isn't painful (much) and I am sure it will be of short duration.
Posted April 10, 2013
sold • private collection south pasadena, ca

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  1. I'm sure your spouse let you have a nibble of her Brownies, mmm just thinking about the taste drool.. anyway back to your delicious painting, love the colors you use wish I was bold enough to use more color the way you do.


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