Toy Truck Little and Yellow

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. The only things missing from this 'modern' toy truck are safety bumpers to protect little munchkins from hurting themselves. Never mind that these toys are so dangerous for adults that when I asked The Spousal Unit what I should call this painting, all she could came up with were variations on the theme: "The Cute Little SOB I Trip On in the Middle of the Night, Almost Breaking My Neck." It was amazing to see how many different versions of that lovely sentiment she could come up with.    (Grumpy Old Man Alert) Let's get back to how overly safe these toy trucks are nowadays. In my day, we had Tonka trucks made out of thin, rusty metal with sharp edges, all covered in glorious bright yellow lead paint. We cut ourselves, Dad threatened to slap hot iron to the wound—scaring us to death—to eventually pour a whole bottle of iodine on the wound, then we got tetanus, and we liked it that way. (Oh yeah, I had a great childhood.)    Buried somewhere deep in the wilds of our backyard, lives one of those old metal trucks. If I ever find it, I am going to paint a portrait of it, cut myself and proceed to cry all the way over to the clinic to get my tetanus shot. I hope they still give out suckers when they give shots.
Posted April 16, 2013
sold • private collection monrovia, ca

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  1. LOL, now they're made of noxious Chinese plastic :D
    I think it was better before!


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