Temple Superhet Radio Red

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I was ready to unleash a wave of whining on you about photographing red and how painful it is to color correct, blah, blah, blah, when into the studio comes The Ever-Glorious and Radiant Spousal Unit with fresh baked peanut butter cookies. Who cares about color correction and the existence of an evil camera in your studio when you've got warm cookies at 9:30 am? This is what it means to be an adult. Not mortgages, annoying offspring, snarled traffic, cats pooping in your yard, etc. No. Being an adult means having hot cookies at any time of day (and bragging about it to your kids when you deny the same to them). So... Things are good... Here's a painting for you... Have a great day!
Posted April 19, 2013

sold • private collection beverly hills, ca

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  1. I love your fun paintings and especially the "calligraphy" of the background brushwork


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