Blueish Vase Thingy

11"x14" oil on canvas. I bought a set of these years ago and I still have no idea what these IKEA vase/bottle thingies are for. I can tell you they were a must have purchase, seeing as how I had only 10,362 bottles in my studio already, I obviously needed more. It was one of those IKEA purchases that, between these bottles (designed by somebody named Inga) and a set of three odd cardboard storage thingamabobbers (designed by somebody named Sven) and a shelf unit with roughly 1,000 bizarre parts made by some alien race (designed by somebody who should be hunted down and assassinated) and a dozen jars of lingonberry goo (what the heck are lingonberries and why would I want them on my meatballs?), you stand there wondering what you were thinking. Or at least your wife stands there looking at you wondering, nay, actually saying out loud, "What the heck were you thinking? You better have kept that receipt!"

Posted February 6, 2013

sold • private collection los angeles, ca


  1. Those are 'Painting Props', and should be totally tax deductible.

  2. Glad you didn't return it, I love all those colors on that thingy :)


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