6"x4" oil on raymar panel. This is just up the street from a diner I like to eat at. The thought crossed my ever-shrinking mind to change the signage to read, "NO ART," but I did not want to run afoul of any downtown denizens seeking purity. Reality is, looking at this building up close, I do not see how 'purity' comes into it, but there you go. Might paint this one larger—haven't made up my mind.    The diner is the Nickel Diner and it is located in Downtown Los Angeles. They have these donuts—like a maple bacon and one called an Irish car bomb—that are pretty wicked. They are the type of donuts that Spawn Number One loves. If I eat them, my aorta explodes out of my chest and walks out the door in protest, but at least the kid enjoys it.

Posted February 7, 2013


  1. If only they made 'no age' donuts. Think of the market...
    Love your stuff!

  2. Love your bold use of colour in all your paintings. MMMmmm donuts!


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