Old Gas Station

24"x16" oil on canvas. Another piece from my show over at the Sycamore Gallery (www.thesycamoregallery.com). If it looks familiar to you, your right, it is. I painted a 6"x4" version of it earlier and visually tortured you with it. It worked pretty well, so I decided to paint it a bit bigger. This is a cross-over piece for me because it contains both brush and knife work. When my work gets up to a certain size, using a knife becomes more intuitive for me, and 24" x 16" is right at the beginning that range. My using knives to paint is not surprising. What is surprising is that I have yet to hurt myself with the knives. Just because painting knives do not have honed, sharp edges does not mean they do not pose a danger. All sorts of innocuous items (and animals) have caused me harm. And, of course, it is never my fault.
Posted January 15, 2013

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