Three Bottles and Cap

10"x8" oil on canvas. I painted three glass 10x8s for last Spring's Beverly Hills Art Show, this is number three of that trio. People seem to like paintings of glass and I was in the mood, so I thought what the heck. There exist in my studio approximately 3 million glass bottles. Enough for me to be able to paint glass everyday, all year for years. That monotony would result in my going insane and wanting to put a slug in my dome or cut off my ear or, even worse, try to have a civil conversation with my neighbor three doors down.
Posted August 23, 2012
sold • private collection bradbury, ca


  1. Just imagine how many little cups and plates Carol Marine must have in her studio! Heck, she probably has a whole storage room for them.

    Given that glass bottles aren't very rare, maybe you could offload some to the recycling...


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