Pasadena Artist Terry Kelly

24"x18" oil on canvas
So, the artists reception thingy this Saturday night for the Contemporary Masters exhibit is supposed to be private, so I call up with my list of guests and was told that it is actually open to everybody—come one, come all. I have been telling people they need to be on some non-existent list. Anyway, it is just like any other art show opening night. If you find yourself in Pasadena Saturday night, drop by and say hello. Info below.

This is probably inadvisable, but I thought I would show you the painting that did not make it into the Contemporary Masters show. When I started this emailing of my art thing, I did not specify that I would hold back unsuccessful work. Besides, I do not feel this is an unsuccessful portrait, it just did not get judged into a show. A show, by the way, with a theme I was kinda toying around with. We were supposed to celebrate "... the beauty of the San Gabriel Valley," and Pasadena has some beautiful architecture, so what do I do—I paint a couple of abandoned buildings. In my defense, I will say that, in the end, it is not the subject that matters to me but how I paint it. So in the above painting, I abused my friend and fellow artist Terry Kelly ( just because he happens to reside in Pasadena. I guess that being a friend of mine has its downside(s).

Come to the opening night this Saturday.

Here are the museum show particulars:
Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden III
Runs from March 9th to July 29th / Debuts on Pasadena Art Night ( the evening of March 9th / Private artists' reception Saturday March 10th, 6-8PM
Pasadena Museum of History
470 W. Walnut Street / Pasadena / CA 91103
626.577.1660 /

Posted March 8, 2012

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