Service at Pasadena Ford

16"x24" oil on canvas This is the last of the three pieces that will be in the Contemporary Masters exhibit.

While I was scoping out the scene for the previously posted "Pasadena Ford" painting and distressing over the light, I turned 180° and saw something intriguing. The now derelict, main Pasadena Ford building across Colorado Boulevard is just a big plain white box, but in the middle there is a throughway leading to this wonderful service building. Doing the brainless artist thing, I wondered out into the busy lanes of traffic to determine the best vantage point. While standing there, a car proceeded in trying to take me out. It was a good feeling, bringing back memories of my time in New York City, that wonderful king of cities where pedestrians are so much prey (ah, good times!), unlike here in Southern California where pedestrians seem to have invisible shields. Our wonderful teenagers seem to have the strongest shields along with a lofty sense of entitlement and a penchant for ugly footwear. (The uglier and more insensible the shoes, the stronger the shield?) Well, I must of been wearing ugly shoes that day. Anyway, back to the painting: I thought the scene would make for a challenging painting, so here it is in oil. The color scheme for the buildings is an overwhelming amount of ever-exciting white with an accent of blue, hence all the blue bouncing around in the painting.

Here are the museum show particulars:
Contemporary Masters, Artistic Eden III
Runs from March 9th to July 29th / Debuts on Pasadena Art Night ( the evening of March 9th / Private artists' reception Saturday March 10th
Pasadena Museum of History
470 W. Walnut Street / Pasadena / CA 91103
626.577.1660 /

Posted March 7, 2012

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