Hiking Boot

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Yep, this is one of my old hiking boots. Don't have much to say except that, when asked his opinion, Spawn Number One officially stated that he did not like the blue laces. Not a,"I think your grays are great Dad," or even an, "I think you need to work on those grays Dad." No, just an, "I don't like the blue laces." So, I did what any thoroughly modern and caring and loving parent, who is well versed in all of the thoroughly modern parenting techniques, would do—I kicked him out of my studio. There, blue lace problem solved.
Posted March 14, 2012
sold • private collection west hollywood, ca


  1. Like this, and most of your little paintings, what I like the most is your choise of subject matter and the looseness of your style. Have just nominated your blog for the Leibster award!

  2. The blue shoelaces are what I like most about this painting :)

  3. Love the subject and everything else about it. Great substance.


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