Kite Over Oso Flaco Dunes

6"x4" oil on raymar
panel. This was a great day with the Pacific Ocean at our backs and a good, kite flying wind. A great day, right up until that cute little kite took a nose dive into those dunes off in the distance. You see, I enlarged (really, really enlarged) the kite for the sake of this painting, so it was very far up and away. So far up that it was actually a tiny, tiny speck in the sky. And, of course, it goes down deep into the roped off, environmentally protected dunes. This left me with two choices: litter and have to look at the frowns of my offspring or cross the lines and trespass, possibly ticking off some snowy plovers. Well, I take the Fifth and will not admit to anything except that I cannot abide littering.
Posted July 7, 2011
sold • private collection washington, dc


  1. Hello Raymond
    your emails reach me late at night - I'm sitting typing some Distance-Learning crits, and the arrival of this painting was a breath (or breeze...?) (gust?) of fresh air. I almost didn't recognize it as yours. Its so different, in subject, tone, clarity and its so...FRESH!

  2. You did that painting and that whole blog post just so you could say the words "snowy plover", didn't ya?


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