SLO Farm Building

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. I haven't been painting many landscape-type paintings lately. Don't know why—I just haven't. Anyway, this painting would not have come into being unless The Muse hinted that I should paint some more landscapes. As usual, the hint was—how shall I say it?—somewhat strong. One should always listen to their muse, especially if one wants anymore of her red velvet cake. In an attempt at preservation, these buildings were transplanted to the hillside behind the San Luis Obispo Home Depot. Let's ignore the annoying reality that I was most likely trespassing and rather focus on the how the light, shadows, temperature shifts, and grays intrigued me enough to make me want to take a crack at painting this and, most likely, break the law. There is a joke buried in that last sentence, but it's little rude, so I'll skip it.
Posted July 6, 2011
sold • private collection lake zurich, il


  1. Beautiful painting, Raymond! Love the value pattern and high contrast. Your muse is wise.

  2. I love your work, and it is wonderful to see your unique style applied to landscape. This is a wonderful painting with beautiful colors and light. That muse of yours knows a thing or two--keep listening! By the way, did you paint from life or from a photo?


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