The Imp's Tabasco

6"x4" oil on raymar
panel. Okay. I will explain the title, but only once, so pay attention. Ever since Spawn Number One heard that the man he was named after (my late beloved father, Raymond, Jr., who, if you called him Junior, he would rise from the grave just to box your ears) liked Tabasco sauce, he has wanted to try it. And ever since I saw a painting Shawn Kenney did of this, I have wanted to paint it. Voila! A match made in heaven: I get a challenging subject to paint and Spawn Number One gets to loose the feeling in his tongue.
Posted June 8, 2011
sold • private collection bountiful, ut

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  1. I have painted one of these!!!! My rock star husband asked me to paint one. He is from New Orleans, and we have spent many fun weekends on Avery Island @ the McIlhenny Pepper Plantation. Yours is much prettier than mine! I also painted a Tony Cachere's and Zatarain's, too. Yummy!


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