Solution Citrate Magnesia

6"x4" oil on raymar
panel. A collector/friend gave this bottle to me. He did not say that I had to paint it, which is nice, because when you tell an artist to paint something, a switch gets thrown in their small heads and they cannot paint it. It was just so cool of him to give such a nice bottle, with its little glass stopper thingy. I have no idea what the heck this stuff is (was). The bottle just says, "Dose-Adults one half to one bottle as desired, Children in proportion to age." What the heck does, " proportion to age," mean? Whatever. I am sure this cured whatever ailed people, like getting rid of the pixies partying on the end of your bed the morning after. Before I get a critical note from the fine gentleman, I will admit that I pushed the blue color in the bottle. Just could not help myself—it's a genetic flaw: pushing colors.

P.S. The Sycamore Gallery in Old Town Monrovia is now hanging even more of my work. Eight more pieces to be precise, so if you want to see my work up close and personal in a really nice environment, go check it out. I will have to come up with some form of formal advertisement to bug you with, but for now, this P.S. is all I got.

Posted June 10, 2011
sold • private collection culver city, ca

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