Icelandic Poppies


6"x4" oil on raymar panel Somebody went into our garden, massacred some icelandic poppies and some yellow orchid-like flowers (sorry, don't know what they are called), slammed them in a vase and demanded I paint them. Again, the demand was implied in the nicest possible way (but it WAS a demand). I did not know that icelandic poppies wilted so fast, it was like painting melting ice cream (don't ask me to do that)—they started to wilt as soon as they were cut. This made me attack the painting, wait... I usually attack my paintings. Well, it at least caught me off guard. The color scheme of this painting is a little different for me. Not that I paint in "schemes," it's just not typical of me to use a blue in the background like this with red and yellow flowers. I just went for it and stuck to it and so the blue stayed.
Posted June 3, 2011
sold • private collection arroyo grande, ca

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  1. The blue works for me - it's a great painting.
    BTW, poppies never last long in water but you can extend their life by plunging the stems into boiling water for a few seconds as soon as poss after cutting. Sounds cruel but it works!


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