Red Cap

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. I painted a larger painting of glass earlier in the week and I was itching for a little more, so I present you with these little bottles. The red cap from the soy sauce bottle looked better up on its side, so there it is; sliced right down the middle. I pasted a cruddy picture of the larger painting below. Why cruddy? Well, my camera and I have never really been on the best of terms and it's giving me even more grief lately because I put a polarizing filter on it. It's now acting all violated and touchy, so I haven't been photographing some of my larger work lately. I believe that through intense couples therapy, we can work it out and I will be able to document and show you the larger stuff before it all goes off to the Beverly Hills Show next month (that is if the prima donna camera can come to terms with its "issues"). Wish me, I mean us, luck.

Posted April 28, 2011

sold • private collection bradbury, ca


  1. Great job on the bottles! Loved your commentary - hope you and your camera come to terms with each other! :)

  2. As usual, a great painting and hilarious words! Good luck with the prima donna!

  3. I painted a decanter and mercury glass candlestick a couple of weeks ago, and I could not get a good picture. Nope. And it was even worse after the final coat of Liquin.....fuhgeddaboudit!!!! *sadface*

    Love the little bottles :D

  4. Relationships are tough!! Good luck. Love the work.


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