Quarter Wrench

6"x4" oil on raymar
panel. A little while ago I painted a marble that was supposed to be a wrench. Well, this is that wrench and to make up for its omission, I gave it a quarter. What's nice about George's inclusion is that he gives a sense of scale; this is a small wrench. Even though it feels like it weighs 200 lbs., it is around seven inches long. I have a several of these wrenches that appear, due to their lack of teeth, to be engineer's wrenches(?). Several of them have mushrooms on the back of their heads like this one, which means somebody also used them as hammers.

Posted April 27, 2011

sold • private collection glendale, ca

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  1. Nice Nickel Wrench Raymond! You nailed the old metal patina! When I used to work in construction my old boss would always say "If you ain't bleedin you ain't workin!" This wrench looks like it has smacked a few fingers!


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