Scotch Tape

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. Oh yeah, I'm going to get sued. Even Spawn Number One thinks so, "Oh Dad. Those people are going to sue you. You should change the name on there." I love how my son refers to the happy and hopefully not litigious people at 3M as "Those people," just like Robert E. Lee referred to the Union Army. How did I survive painting a complex little object such as this? Well, I ignored the complexity and focused on the lighting and staging of the object and my sanity (what little I have left) was spared. It also doesn't hurt when your main goal in painting is just to make it to lunch.
Posted April 26, 2011
sold • private collection bountiful, ut


  1. nah, you're fine. if you changed the name with the same label...... THEN you'd get sued. what a beautiful little painting...

  2. Lovely painting! And 3M will be glad for the free publicity!

  3. Sue you? This is a free advert....remember what Andy Warhol did for the Campbell's Soup can???? ;P

    *see...Kristin agrees with me and she looks smart*

  4. ditto..."they" should be flattered

  5. I was going to write the same thing as Ricki above ^ - yep Andy Warhol made a killing from his soup can. Your sticky tape may even give you your 15 minutes of fame.

    It does look complex but you nailed it. x

  6. I don't know how you managed to take on this subject and keep it painterly and fresh, but you did. Suddenly, a plain old roll of tape is fascinating! Nice work, Raymond!


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