Royal Bank

4"x6" oil on masonite panel. I could write about this painting OR I could write about the blue jay that just flew into my studio and gave me the stink eye. I'm going with the blue jay. Actually, he (she?) is a scrub jay, but if you call him a scrub jay he pecks at your head while you're gardening. I have another name for him, but your "Strong Language" filter would probably block it. This blue jay occasionally comes into my studio and stares at me until I give him a peanut—it's really quite annoying. There is also a squirrel and a cat that sometimes visit (not together) with the sole intention of annoying me. I call the squirrel D.S. for short, and the cat "Get the Heck Out of My Studio!" plus a few other choice names. I think the squirrel is on dope, but that's a story for another commentary.

"The Help Japan Challenge"
Daily Paintworks is holding a special Challenge dedicated to raising money to help the people of Japan. The weekly Challenges have been a big hit and it is nice that we can use this success to help people who need it. So go check it out at You may submit a piece or you may buy a piece or you may do both.

Posted March 16, 2011
sold • private collection houston, tx


  1. wonderful idea Raymond, and great little bank. love the painting... you seem to get so much character into your little canvases... bravo !

  2. Raymond Just wanted you to know your comedic effrts are not wasted or going un-noticed. You are a man after my own heart. my wife frequently cringes and makes apolgies for my wise cracks in public but I think they're funny. So do the people I throw them at least I think they do judging from the grimmace/smile on their faces and nervous laughter.
    I'm enjoying your commentary as much as I enjoy your paintings. Paint on brother


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