Marble Aqua

6"x4" oil on raymar panel. If I had those fellows on my shoulders—you know the dudes; the one in the flowing white robes he swears aren't a dress, halo, wings, and lyre and that other fellow with the bifurcated tail, scalp protrusions and nasty red skin condition—their endless debate would probably sound something like this: "Raymond, paint tighter!" — "Don't listen to him Raymond, paint looser!" Thank goodness for my mono-focused ways; when I paint, I paint, that's it, no room for listening to those guys. It is like the Germans say, "Beverage holders?!?! Who needs those things? When I drive, I drive baby!*" When I paint, I paint—looser or tighter doesn't really matter—I just have to paint.
*I threw the "baby" on there, they don't actually say that.

Posted March 22, 2011
sold • private collection venice, ca


  1. I love those comments (descriptions) of your paintings! Very animated!

  2. Nice marble. Where are the rest? Or did you just lose the one?


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