The Red Hat

10"x8" oil on canvas. That hat was planetary! It was so big, that it had three moons orbiting it. It was so big, that I had to make it smaller to fit in my painting. Seriously, I do not know how Marissa kept her head up. She did a wonderful job with her apparently very strong neck. Here's to Marissa!

Posted March 10, 2011
sold • private collection atlanta, ga


  1. Your brushstrokes are thick and strong. Your colors are so beautiful and I like that there are so many. Absolutely beautiful painting!

  2. You always make me laugh! Sometimes I laugh so much I forget to leave a comment. Which isn't good because then you won't know I came by.

    Really great brushstrokes on this one and thick, juicy paint. Nice!

  3. I just started following your blog. I enjoy seeing your work, especially your paintings of ordinary things. It's inspired me to step it up. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more. (I've already trolled through your archives.)

  4. wow, you've been quite busy lately... excellent picture of Marissa with the red hat. so rich, and full of paint. thick brushstrokes are so expressive, and well as the expression on her face. well done !


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