Pipe on Nails

4"x6" oil on raymar panel. People ask about how I write for these posts all the time. Quite frankly, there are times, like right now, when I just stare at the screen and come up with nothing—nada—zip—zilch. I mean, it is just a pipe, what's there to say? Oh sorry, let me rephrase that for all you Magritte fans out there: I mean, it is just not a pipe, what's there to say? I could write about how I find the Facebook interface to be about as intuitive as climbing up a ladder backwards or about the monetary pain of maintaining offspring, but that's just whining and, strangely enough, I'm not in the mood. You see? Sometimes there's just nothing to write about.

Posted March 30, 2011

sold • private collection new york, ny

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  1. Caught between enjoying your paintings and enjoying your writing and not being able to choose I am hooked on both... Just great stuff:)


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